Five Things To Do: Proven Ways To Get Recruiter Contact Information

1.Use LinkedIn For Research 

LinkedIn is one of the very few job search websites that will give a complete job description with (in some cases) salary ranges, you will know if you are connected to anyone that works at that company, how many people applied, if you are a good fit … need I say more? 

If you are not using LinkedIn, you are hurting your chances. 

2. Check The Company Website 

All large organizations have an About Me page on their website. Check this page for a list of C-Suite executives in the department you want to join. Get those informational interviews scheduled. 

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3. Call The Company 

Call the receptionist to get names, phone numbers, addresses, etc. 

4. Check The Job Description On Several Websites 

Remember above when I mentioned using LinkedIn for research purposes, well this it! Start with LinkedIn first then move on to other websites and job boards. Some job boards include:,, Zip Recruiter …. Check everywhere you can. 

5.Connect With People On LinkedIn Who Work There 

Network on LinkedIn and find people in your network who work at the company you want to join. Schedule informational interviews. 

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