Administrative Assistant – From $50,000.000 to $60,000.00 Per Year After Only One Year

Alexis came to us for help with her resume after being labeled a job hopper 👇🏽

Less than a month after working with us, she landed a new high-paying job in her dream industry 💜

Less than one year later she was ready for a promotion
She remained faithful and knew she loved her job, she just wanted the next challenge 💜

She kept in touch with leadership and ABcareerMatch and …
… has accepted a new job offer with a $10,000 pay increase
And the company had no problem paying $10,000 more than what they were ready to pay her 🙌🏽

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✔️ You can get a new high-paying job with no experience or as a recent graduate
✔️ Consult with leadership at your company about your career path
✔️ It’s okay to get frustrated with the job search process. Just turn it into something positive!
✔️ Consult with your Career Coach (Amanda and ABcareerMatch) for support and to gather your thoughts.
✔️ If you’re realistically not in a position to earn $100,000 per year, that doesn’t mean you won’t one day soon
✔️ It’s not too soon to get a promotion

If you have been labeled a job hopper, and you’re not sure how to get a new high-paying job 👇🏽

Are you looking for job search support?

I’ll be the career coach for you. 

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