3 Tips: How To Get A Job In The Quickest / Shortest Time Frame Possible

1. Tell Your Job Search Story And Include Huge Achievements 

Start with your most recent career accomplishments and work backwards. When I write articles in graduate school, we would always start with the conclusion first and the intro last. What’s your end story? Where are you now?  

2. Write An Accurate And Effective Resume

A generic resume will only get generic responses. Remove any irrelevant or outdated information from your resume more than 15 years old. 

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3. Network With The Right People 

Make networking a priority in your job search. Think about your end goal before reaching out to anyone. 

Our client Terri didn’t have the time to search for a new job, she was a business owner. Less than one week of submitting her new resume to employers, she accepted the new high-paying job of her dreams. 

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